Monday, April 8, 2013

Painting on the Road: Fado in Lisbon, Portugal

Fado musicians, Lisbon
We arrived in Lisbon on March 30 and spent 4 nights at Jardim de Santos Hostel, booked through Kayak for 43.80/night (roughly $56.50). We had a wonderful room and the location had great access to everything we wanted to see, including fado singers in the Alfama neighborhood. Here are some sketches I made in a dark fado bar while enjoying a pitcher of sangria. Click this link for an example of fado. And here's another link to famous fado singer Mariza in concert. She gives a little explanation in English. And finally, a link to a documentary on fado that we watched in Portland. This film has not only the singing, but the dancing. Highly recommended.
Hands of fado singer Maria Sofia
Fado guitarist
Common room at Jardim de Santos Hostel, Lisbon


  1. These sketches will be the hidden gems that are discovered one day amongst all your celebrated works of art. True talent! Tell me though, is that hair coming out of the Fado Guitarist's nose? :)

    1. Hi Mary! Your comments helped me start my day with a smile and a laugh! Thank you! :) back at you!

  2. ahhh, travel sketches! keep them coming! Glad you are having such a good time. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

  3. Celeste, I'm using my little pocket-sized Blick sketchbook that I received as a door prize during their grand opening in downtown Portland. I believe you use a similar size. It's handy, eh? Yes, we're having a very good trip and the weather's getting warmer, too.


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