Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Painting on the Road: Gerês, Portugal

View from our hotel in Geres, Outeira, Portugal
When we travel we like to be spontaneous, so when people recommended the Peneda-Gerês National Park in northern Portugal, we said, why not? We'd rented a car so it was just a matter of finding the right highway and heading north for 300 miles. Gerês in early April is a cold, harsh, stony, inhospitable place with an austere beauty that we found captivating. Little signs of spring reveal the promise of new life and a softer beauty in the coming months. Everything's made of granite: roads, homes, balconies, fences, even mailboxes! Even the fenceposts on cyclone fences! It's like Flintstoneville! Evidence of humans from 6000-3000 B.C. have been found, so clearly there are ways to adapt--as evidenced by our amazingly well-appointed hotel, Vista Bella do Gerês, where we stayed for only 25 euros. Our dinner was fantastic-- fresh fish, potatoes and other vegetables, creme brulee, and a delicious local wine! The next day we had an unforgettable hike to a centuries-old ruined monastery along an icy rushing river and visited a nearby waterfall.
How can I edit the scene?!!
One of many villages we passed
Common room & wines casks, Vista Bela do Geres

Strange rock formations, Geres, Portugal
Wild & wooly ponies, similar to those in cave paintings


  1. I'm glad you are getting to paint! All the info you jot down will germinate and grow over time.

    1. Hi Casey: It's really exciting to see things I've never seen before--being a stranger in a strange land--and I look forward to developing these ideas.

  2. Oh Sarah, what an adventure! Great post!

  3. Thanks, Debbie! It is so stimulating to be in "survival" mode--not literally, but in the sense of having senses acutely heightened.


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