Saturday, April 13, 2013

Painting on the Road: Évora, Portugal

Evora, Portugal
When traveling I like to strike a balance between sightseeing and painting. On this trip I haven't been able to do as much painting as I like due to cool/cold/rainy weather. Hopefully that will change once we get to Spain. The weather cooperated in Evora, Portutugal, though and I was so grateful to bask in the sun on the plaza in front of our hostel. The hours flew by! Even when I can't paint, observing people and street scenes, visiting museums and monuments, and touring the countryside fuels my imagination and gives me information, ideas and photos to refer to for future paintings.

Clothes in backpack; art supplies in front pack
Here's a funny photo of me lugging my gear several blocks from where we parked our car and then up a couple flights of steep, narrow stairs to our room. The  pack on my back contains clothes and miscellaneous items for six weeks of travel; the pack on the front holds my Guerrilla box and a limited selection of pastels and paper. Lugging heavy art supplies around is worth it for the pleasure I derive being able to paint en plein air "on the road." Portugal in April has gorgeous countryside sprinkled with wildflowers!  I can't wait to get to work on these paintings when I get home!

Wildflowers along the Algarve

Future painting? I think so!


  1. You are strong! Keep it up and keep enjoying!

  2. Yes, I am strong, and grateful for my good health, too!

  3. Looks like you are well organized with those backpacks! What a delightful day it must have been plein air painting and observing for the afternoon! I love your wildflower vista photos! Hope you get some more good weather for painting on location!

  4. Hi Debbie: I've never seen so many wildflowers, and there were also colorful wild grasses in other parts of the same area! I'll have lots of inspiration to work with in the coming months. Thanks for commenting.


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