Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Doing Laps" now available through Daily Paintworks auction

"Doing Laps" / 9x6 / pastel
I've been a member of the Daily Paintworks online art gallery for almost a year. One of the services offered by Daily Paintworks is an online auction and today I will participate for the first time by listing my painting "Doing Laps." Click here to bid.  I'm curious to see how it works and welcome your feedback. The sidebar of this blog includes a rolling view of ten of the paintings included in my Daily Paintworks online gallery. I hope readers of this blog will periodically check out my online gallery because it includes more paintings than I post in my blog.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


View from the Deck (Mazatlan)/6x9/pastel
 Summer got off to a late start in Portland, but now it's here in full force with hot days and (thankfully/typically) cool nights. My studio faces north and is a pleasant hangout throughout the day. Am continuing to sort through a large inventory of paintings that were set aside for one reason or another. Many of these I've greeted like long-lost friends--and here they are to meet you! Today I'm featuring scenes from past trips to Mazatlan. While I'm working, my husband in the room next door doing his bit to help support me in my art business as he mats and frames new paintings for the upcoming Oregon Lavender Festival which is going on this weekend. As we work we're groovin' to our favorite Pandora stations. 
Pancho's from the Beach (Mazatlan)/6x4.5/pastel

Vendor with Green Bag (Mazatlan)/6x4/5/pastel

Waiting on the Beach (Mazatlan)/6x4.5/pastel
Tom's Catch (Mazatlan)/4.5x6/pastel

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flowers and vegetables and a winner: Penny Sorenson!

"Pink Tulips" / 9x12 / pastel
Congratulations to Penny Sorenson of Anchorage, Alaska, winner of the June Drawing for a Painting! She will receive a $70 credit toward purchase of my artwork. Thanks for playing, Penny! And remember, folks--you can't win if you don't play, and playing is soooo easy! All you have to do is sign up to follow this blog.

"Red and Yellow Tulips" / 9x12 / pastel
Today's featured paintings emerged from a recent studio clean-up. As I mentioned in a previous post, I like to paint but am not so fond of the steps that follow: photographing and cataloging the artwork; putting it into its protective cover; listing it in the Daily Paintworks gallery; etc. Fortunately, my darling husband helps me with all these tasks. But he can't get started until I "sign off" on the paintings and often it takes me a while to decide if they're really done or not. During my recent cleanup I ended up concluding that the tulips were great the way they were. I added a few more strokes to the artichokes and garlic and can now release them, too. Yay! Progress! Only a few dozen more to go through...
"Artichokes at the Market" / 9x11 / pastel
"Garlic at the Market" / 8x10 / pastel