Friday, March 22, 2013

Plein air season begins with trip to Minto-Brown Island Park

S. Sedwick, A. Salness, me, J. Reimer, R. Tipton, C. Bergin, C. Marine, R. Armitage
My friend Randall David Tipton recently organized a plein air excursion to Minto-Brown Island Park near Salem, Oregon. It was a great kick-off to Oregon's plein air season. The weather cooperated, allowing us to paint a couple scenes in the morning and early afternoon before it got cold and drizzly again.  Although Celeste Bergin and I often paint together, sometimes at Kat Sowa's Studio 30, I'd never painted with Randall before and was excited to see him in action. It was a treat to meet artists, whom I'd only known and admired "on line" until that day including Carol Marine, Ruth Armitage, Jo Reimer, Annie Salness, and Sarah Sedwick! I hope we'll have many chances to paint together again in the future. Here are my two paintings from the day and those of some of the other artists. Click here to see Celeste's slideshow from the day.

A Calm Day In Early Spring/pastel/7x9
Early Spring in the Floodplain/pastel/9.5x11.5
Minto Brown Winter by Randall Tipton
Path by the Lake by Sarah Sedwick
Minto Brown Park by Celeste Bergin


  1. ...Floodplain: very strong. I see Randall David Tipton's great palette evident in his painting, and what a stellar group! Much excitement.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Casey. I'm looking forward to attending your Portland workshop in June at Studio 30.

  3. How great to get outdoors during that nice weather, and with a talented group of painters. The plein air season has begun! You are an inspiration!

  4. Debbie, I appreciate you checking in! It would be great to paint with you sometime this summer...

  5. I`m just now seeing this Sarah, I`m happy to see those paintings of yours again. There is a wonderful mystery to both of them! The mood of the landscape was so somber that day! Everyone found their way with it too. What a great experience! That is how you live in the moment.

    1. It was a pleasure painting with you and the others that day and I hope to do so again.


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