Sunday, February 2, 2014


"Yellow Reflections (on the road to Evora)"/pastel/9x7
Yellow and I had a contentious relationship for most of my life, but we got to know each other better about a year ago and now are feeling quite chummy. I'm quite happy with its appearance in "Yellow Reflections (on the road to Evora)" which I've just donated to the Oregon Repertory Singers for their fundraising auction coming up February 22. (You can read more about ORS and the auction by clicking here.)

Robert Genn's "The Story of Yellow" discusses the five main sources of yellow pigment. I recalled learning about one of those--cow urine (ever heard of Indian Yellow? Yep!)--while touring India a few years ago. Genn publishes an informative Twice-Weekly Letter and his website, The Painter's Keys, is a goldmine of info for artists.

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