Friday, February 7, 2014

Portland Fog

"Portland Fog" / pastel / 7x9
I live in North Portland's historic Kenton neighborhood, just a short walk from Kenton Park where shapely trees, wide expanses of lawn and ever-changing seasonal atmosphere often put me in a painting frame of mind. One day in December the fog was especially nice but it was way too cold to stand or sit at an easel outside so I took photos and later used one of the images to paint "Portland Fog" from the shelter of my warm and cozy studio. This was one of my first attempts at painting fog and I have to admit I struggled. Afterwards, I looked around to see how other artists have handled it.  Richard Whadcock is British; ; John Felsing lives in Michigan; and Darlou Gams is from Idaho but now lives in New Hampshire. They've got fog where they live, too, and their work gives me some good ideas for my own future fog paintings.

John Felsing
Darlou Gams
Richard Whadcock

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