Saturday, January 12, 2013

Art donations to benefit Parenting Now! organization that serves families

"Roses in a Blue Vase" pastel, Sarah Peroutka 
I think you'll agree that there's no more important--or challenging-- job in the world than being a parent, and that's why I'm asking my art pals to consider donating a work of art to the Parenting Now! "Midnight In Paris" auction coming up on Friday, Feb. 15 at the Valley River Inn in EugeneThis nonprofit organization brings families with young children together to learn about early childhood development; share parenting information and experiences; gain skills; and form support networks among themselves. If more parents had the skills and support necessary to raise healthy, well-adjusted children wouldn't this world be a better place?  (Click here to learn more about Parenting Now!.)  If you decide to donate, I need to know immediately (no later than January 20.)

I'm donating "Roses in a Blue Vase", and want to express my gratitude to Carol DeGregory for her pastel painting "Bart The Beagle";  "Janet Amundson-Splidsboel for her oil painting "Gorge Impression";  Maris Cavanagh for her felted vessel "Metallic Rivers" and a felted scarf; and Celeste Bergin for one of her paintings. 
"Metallic Rivers" felted vessel, Maris Cavanagh

"Bart the Beagle" pastel, Carol DeGregory
"Gorge Impression" oil painting, Janet Amundson-Splidsboel

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