Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Tapestry Cow" and Portland Open Studio

"Tapestry Cow", pastel, 9.5x9.5
Every October one hundred artists in the Portland Metro area open their studios to the public during Portland Open Studios. A nominal fee gets you a map/admission ticket enabling you to visit the artists where they work, look at their projects, observe techniques, and ask questions. The art's for sale, too, of course! Some studios are in the artists' homes, basements, garages or attics, and some are rented spaces in old or new buildings. Many printmakers form collectives to share studio space and equipment. I made a point of meeting some of the artists who live in my neighborhood, among them Andrea McFarland, a fellow pastelist, and Christopher Wagner, whose wood sculptures are sophisticated yet hit a primal nerve. Elsewhere in town I visited Renee Hartig and got pretty excited about her powerful oil paintings. Mark Diamond's intricate metalwork and cloisonne blew my mind.

Inspired to "do something different" with my own work, I'm using a familiar subject (a cow) in a new style that reminds me of an old tapestry. What do you think?


  1. I think your tapestry cow shows great ideas are coming from your artistic mind. Bravo!

    Best wishes for your show.

  2. Hi Sarah - I've always loved cows in art. Always. I think this picture is very successful! You captured her expression very well.

  3. yes, the colors look like a tapestry...good work, as always, Sarah!

  4. Thanks Casey, Mary and Celeste for your comments. I'm looking forward to doing more experiments with the "tapestry" concept using the grit of sanded pastel paper to provide a kind of warp and weft guideline.


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