Friday, November 4, 2011

India: Giving thanks for the memories

"Bangles", pastel, 9.5x7
Remembering Thanksgiving 2009 in Delhi, India: Navigating streets swarming with food vendors, tuk-tuks, dogs, motorbikes, goats, beggars, and camels, we meandered down narrow alleys, peeked into homes through open doorways, marveling at the electrical wiring tangled and dangling overhead, and narrowly escaped stepping into fresh piles of poop. A grizzled and cheerful chaiwallah pounded fresh ginger, tossing it into a steaming pot of milk and black tea simmering over an open flame. Delicious. Goats, everywhere, had been brought to market by Muslim herders hoping to make tidy profits during Eid. New owners would lead their goats  back home through the alleys to live for days or hours before ritual slaughter, cooking and consumption. We visited a Sikh temple where we left our shoes outside, covered our heads, and received a tutorial about Sikh philosophy, the hallmark of which is service. Inside the temple kitchen I did my part by making chapatis.

Sarah and Alan, Old Delhi '09
Learning the goat business
Do-it-yourself electrical, Old Delhi
Making chapatis, Sikh Temple, Delhi

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