Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Painting on the Road: Rain, rain go away!

40 lbs. of gear! 
We recently returned from a one-month trip to the United Kingdom (Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England). I took my usual gear: Rick Steves Convertible Carry-On backpack for clothing and necessities and a front-pack with painting supplies. The total weight was just under 40 lbs. My art pack included a 13" x 10" x 5.25" wooden pochade box manufactured by Guerrilla Painter  loaded with pastels, paper, and tools. I love this box and it's accompanied me on many fabulous trips! My art pack also includes a sketchbook, apron, baby wipes, and a small set of watercolors and watercolor postcards (sometimes I like to mail original art postcards.)  Taking a heavy art pack is a big commitment, but I really enjoy "painting on the road" so it's usually worth the effort.  This trip, however, I questioned my decision because it rained 24 of the days we were gone, including a couple days with snow and/or hail! And let's not forget winds of up to 50 mph! Needless to say, I did not do much painting. But I did carry my art pack on a long, somewhat steep hike to Fyrish Monument near Inverness, Scotland one gray day and managed to get a bit of work done between sprinkles. Even though the weather on this trip was lousy, the scenery was stunning--especially in Scotland and Wales-- and I took lots of "atmospheric" photos that may one day become the basis for studio paintings.

Painting along the trail to Fyrish Monument in the Scottish Highlands

Pastels dissolve in the rain, so I'd better hurry!
Fyrish Monument (built 1782), Alness, Easter Ross, Scotland

15 lbs. of art supplies x 8 miles + rain + wind = 20 minutes of painting. Fun? Yes!

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