Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Painting on the Road: The long way home

After a ten-hour flight from Santiago we had a ten-hour layover at the Dallas Fort Worth airport before we could board yet another plane for the remaining 3.5 hr. flight home to Portland.  To make our layover at DFW as painless as possible we decided to buy one-day pass to the American Airlines Admirals Club but they were having a special and for the same price ($50 per person) we got a one-month pass. We don't have any plans to fly anywhere else in the coming month but you never know. DFW is such a big airport that American actually has three Admirals Clubs there. What's an Admirals Club, you might wonder? It's a set of clean, comfortable, lounging rooms with free wi-fi, food, beverages, showers and other amenities; some even have kids' playrooms. We didn't need that particular amenity this trip but I thought some of you might find it useful information. The Admirals Club is also a good spot to sketch fellow travelers, or even your own hand if you get desperate. The squiggly thing on my wrist is my hair scrunchy. And yes, my hands really do look that gnarly.



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