Thursday, February 16, 2012

Painting and Pinterest

Young Equestrian, 7 x 5
I've been posting a lot of paintings lately; some are recent and others have been pulled from stacks of work that's accumulated in my studio over the past few years since I began working with pastels. There's a lot to sort through. Each painting (new or old) gets evaluated: Am I satisfied? Does it say what I want it to say? Is there anything else I can do to improve it?  A couple years ago my concerns were usually: Is this painting any good? Am I any good? Now I'm feeling more confident and relaxed, being patient during my journey. The main thing is to keep focusing on the vision I have for myself.

When I need to take a break, I mess around on the computer. Everybody knows that the internet provides endless opportunities to get "lost in space" and I've located yet one more wormhole to fall into: Pinterest. Heard of it? It's a site where you  go to set up "bulletin boards" to store images you've pulled from the internet or from other "pinners'" boards. You can have as many boards as you want, dedicated to the subjects of your choice. I have boards for "Art and Artists," "Pastel Technique," "An Artist's Daily Life," "Home/Garden/ Dwelling," and other subjects of interest. Check it out! If you're interested I can send you an invitation to join (it's free), just let me know by commenting below with your email (I won't make it public), or by emailing me directly at
Late Afternoon Stroll, 4 x 7


  1. Ha! I joined and I'm convinced Pinterest is worthwhile, just scared of how MUCH time I will end up blowing through should I start using!!!

    1. Please look at my Pinterest boards: Pastel Explorations; Art and Artists; and An Artist's Daily Life; then tell me, aren't these worthwhile??? (Don't look at the other time-wasting boards, though!) LOL!


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