Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hands don't sell

This year I entered my first juried show and my paintings were not accepted. After shedding a couple tears (it was my first juried show, after all!) I wrote a brief and respectful email to the juror asking for suggestions about how I could improve so I could try again next year. He wrote back that my technique was okay, but the subject--hands--wasn't something that sells. Hmm. Maybe hands don't sell but they do hold glasses of wine and beer, prop up an arm during a nap on the beach, show a life of hard work, and wait a minute! I have proof that they sell--here are some hands selling bangles in Delhi!


  1. That juror was an idiot. Whether or not something is salable is irrelevant. You draw beautifully Sarah!

  2. I like these paintings! I saw two or three of them, and they are fine. Perhaps he should have said, "I don't sell hands."

    Also, the composition of the beer, elbow and hands painting is just great.

  3. Thanks, Casey. I like the beer (painting), too!

  4. Thank you both for your votes of confidence!I'm going to continue to explore what's of interest to me.


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